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Welcome to my sportive island!

My name is Xenia. I am master in biology, physiotherapist and gymnastics trainer. I observe my own body and its state for a long time. Primarily I am interested in back health. I used to have a desk job in an office for several years. This has caused back problems and also headaches. That’s why I have set myself an important goal for my life, namely to build and improve my own body. I have achieved the following goals such as: painless back, muscle strengthening and improvement of spinal mobility. I’m happy to live pain-free without medical supplies. I would like to help you to improve your quality of life discovering a joy of movement.

With my educational background I created customized exercise programs. On my website you will find various health courses, such as Relieving period pain (dysmenorrhea) (online). They are very important and helpful for everyday life. From my standpoint, prevention of spinal diseases is much better than struggling with its consequences.

If you would like to strengthen yourself with my support, please contact me. No matter how old and how fit you are. I will be glad to take care of a qualitative and correct exercises for you.


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