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Relieving period pain (dysmenorrhea) (online)

Course description

A course program for the relief of period pain (dysmenorrhea) at home is a balanced mixture of the Yoga, Pilates and Organ gymnastics. This relaxation online-course consists of gentle stretching and relaxation exercises. They help to improve blood flow to the uterus. A special respiratory rhythm helps to destress the hip joints and relax the muscles. This can relieve menstrual cramps. You are not alone – we will make our body better together.


Reducing period cramps and lower back pain. Mending the body condition and well-being. Activation a deeper breathing.

What is needed?

You need a computer with a speaker and a microphone or headset, tablet or mobile phone. Additional mentoring only if your WebCamera is on. A mat or blanket or pillow. Comfortable, elastic clothing.

Course duration

1 unit – 45 minutes.

Number of participants

At least 5 participants.


12$ 6$ (Discount 50%).

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